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Audientes’ mission is to make quality hearables accessible and affordable to everyone who needs them. In other words, to help hearing-impaired people hear and interact freely. We will achieve this by designing, developing and bringing to market innovative solutions for the millions who simply cannot afford a traditional hearing aid or do not have access to an audiologist or hearing center.

Market opportunity


Audientes’ hearing aid address a large and growing global market. According to the WHO, of the 460+ million people worldwide with disabling hearing loss, the needs of less than 10% are currently met. Therefore, while today’s worldwide market for quality fitted hearing aids is estimated at only 14 million single-ear units annually, our solution addresses an important new market, consisting of well over 400 million people, most in middle income or developing countries. Our goal is to have sold in excess of one million hearing aids, around the world, by 2025. 

Hearing aids are too expensive

80% of those affected by hearing loss live in middle to low-income countries.

Less than 10% have one

Due to high costs and low availability, most people do not get the help they need.

Lack of professionals

A normal hearing aid requires a fitting by an audologist, of which there is far too few.

Our approach and impact

The World Health Organization (WHO) projects that the number of hearing-impaired people will increase dramatically in the coming years.  The numbers speak for themselves: a majority (90%) of the around 466 million people with a disabling hearing loss today cannot afford the currently very expensive solutions and they do not have access to a hearing professional. This is equivalent to 400 million people today and estimated to grow to 800 million in 2050.


Today, the traditional hearing aid industry is focused on high-income markets, where insurance reimbursement, government subsidies or the patients have been able to absorb the high costs of hearing aids. There is a dire need of hearing aid solutions that can increase the quality of life of all those people worldwide who are suffering from hearing impairment and reduce overall costs of health care treatment.


Audientes realised a few years ago that there is a substantial need for alternative hearing aid devices which are not available on the market, namely clinically correct, self-fitting, low-cost and high-quality hearing aids. This is particularly true for customers in middle-income countries and developing countries, where desirable features such as cost-effectiveness, ease of use and maintenance, and capability to be customized easily for the individual are imperative.

The approach taken from day one has been to develop a hearing aid that exceeds or at least meets the technical requirements specified in the WHO requirements detailing the guidelines for hearing aids for developing countries. The result is a fully digital programmable hearing aid designed for those with mild-to-profound hearing loss, in a fashionable and modern design, which does not at all look like a conventional ‘clinical’ hearing aid.


Audientes hearing aid concept is equipped with its unique self-fitting technology. This means that the product can be sold over-the-counter (OtC) through literally any channel. The hearing aid has a relatively low cost of purchase due to its cost efficient design and manufacturing, built in rechargable battert, and supports both ears as standard, lowering the cost further for the many with binaural hearing loss.


It will therefore become both affordable and accessible to millions of people who today do not have access to a hearing professional or can afford existing quality solutions. In that sense, Audientes hearing aid has the potential for huge savings both through the direct savings in reduced expenditure on hearing aids, not least in the public healthcare sector, as it in the coming years will be generating positive impact in welfare and economically through the reduction of hearing disabled people.


Audientes is a Danish company with the mission to make quality hearing solutions accessible and affordable to everyone who needs them.


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