This is a hearing aid for the 300 million people with disabling hearing loss that cannot afford the alternatives.

Hossein Jelveh, Audientes

Quality made simple

The world's first hearing aid with built-in hearing test.

Off-the-shelf purchase

It is meant to go where audologists can't. Where a hearing aid normally costs the equivalent of more than two years salary.

No audiologist needed

There is simply not enough audologists in the developing world. The Audientes hearing aid overcomes that problem.

Hearing aids shouldn't be a luxury.


Everything you need from a basic hearing aid


Unlike other low-cost devices, the Audientes hearing aid is rechargeable with a standard MicroUSB charger.

Hearing Test

Start the hearing test, follow the instructions and your hearing aid calibrates itself. It's never been easier.

Low cost

With the integrated hearing test there is no need for an audologist. This reduces prices and increase availablity.

HD Audio

The sound quality is on par with other good hearing aids on the market. We are currently obtaining medical approval.


It comes with a wired headset like common for many mobile phones which makes it cheaper. A fair tradeoff for most.

Easy to use

The buttons on the device are large enough for everyone to operate and understand.