Blindness separates people from things, deafness separates people from people.

What is the problem, really?

Hearing aids are too expensive

80% of those affected by hearing loss live in middle to low-income countries.

Less than 10% have one

Due to high costs and low availability, most people do not get the help they need.

Lack of professionals

A normal hearing aid requires a fitting by an audologist, of which there is far too few.

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To provide a hearing aid that is affordable and accessible to everyone.

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This is our solution

Make it affordable

Hearing aids at one-fifth the average cost, will make getting help more affordable.

Make it simple

With "Audientes Automatic Fitting Technology" everyone can now perform their own hearing test.

Make it wearable

Reducing the stigma associated with hearing aids, by utilizing the strong lifestyle positioning that headphones have.

Make it durable

A ready to wear device that is easy to operate, robust and with a rechargeable battery.