The Team


Audientes is led by an experienced team with expertise in market innovation,

business development and creating affordable products at scale.


Hossein conceived the concept of a self-calibrating hearing aid for the millions without an affordable solution to day, and founded Audientes to realise the idea. With 20+ years of product creation experience from Nokia as Software Architect at the renowned R&D facility in Copenhagen, Denmark, Hossein is responsible for Audientes technology strategy and hardware & software development effort.


Steen has extensive experience with starting and building international product, services and software businesses from senior leadership, strategy, sales & product marketing roles at Cogniance, Specialisterne, Nokia, Microsoft, Symbian and several start-ups. He is building the brand and commercial business of Audientes together with partners around the world. 


Marcus is the designer on the neck-worn hearing aid and overall responsible for product design and portfolio direction at Audientes. He is an awarded designer with focus on innovation and branding strategy, having designed more than 30 headsets and earphones since 2009 as co-founder of Swedish Zound Industries, Marcus has comprehensive experience in building global headphone brands (Marshall, Urban Ears, Molami, Coloud etc.). 

Get in touch!


We love to hear from people who want to work with us on addressing the global need for affordable and accessible quality hearings instruments. 

End-users:  If you are an existing or potential user of hearing aids please keep an eye out on this web site for future announcements on availability and how to secure your Audientes hearing instrument. 


Hearing and medical professionals: If you are a hearing professional who would like to learn more about Audientes please contact us and we shall be delighted to discuss with you. 


Retailers: Please contact us if you are interested in marketing & selling Audientes hearing instruments in your markets.  


Distributors: We will access local markets through distribution partners and will  pursue scalable sales models. Please contact us to discuss about how we can work together in your market. 


Investors: Audientes seeks investors with passion or experience in hardware for consumer electronics, hearables, healthtech, and similar sectors. We value people who can act as our sparring partner and add value through their market insight, connections, and overall capabilities. Do get in touch!

Let's together build the future for people with hearing impairment!

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Audientes is a Danish company with the mission to make quality hearing solutions accessible and affordable to everyone who needs them.




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