Audientes is a binaural (for both ears) digital hearing instrument with ergonomically designed earphones. It comes with rechargeable battery, Bluetooth connectivity, a cool smartphone app and will retail for much less than one quality behind-the-ear hearing instrument.

Key product characteristics

Fully adaptable for mild to severe hearing loss, it incorporates Audientes unique self-fitting technology, making it a great fit for over-the-counter sales.

Designed as a neckband-style headset, it features  mobile phone connectivity for call handling & music streaming via Bluetooth and a smartphone app.

Affordable and accessible!

Coming in 2019!


We will launch in 2019 with initial distribution partners in India, Europe and worldwide also via online channels. This will be followed by rapid rollout in the coming years to USA, Asia, Oceania, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. If you are a distributor or retailer interested in joining us for this journey please reach out and let us know. 

The connected hearing instrument


The Audientes hearing instrument is designed as a fashionable but quite discreet headset instead of looking like a traditional hearing aid. The design is neck-band style to meet the specific requirements for ease of use, robustness, and to avoid stigmatisation.

We call this a neck-worn hearing instrument.


Audientes neck-worn hearing instrument offers the hearing quality of a conventional high-end digital programmable hearing aid and a range of novel features such as our self-fitting technology, Bluetooth connectivity for voice calls and music streaming, and a cool companion app for control and adjustments via a smartphone or tablet.


The app may also be used by an audiologist and sales points for client support purposes and to capture audiograms for customer advisory and future improvements. Hearing test data can be uploaded to the Audientes cloud-service through the wireless Bluetooth interface between the hearing instrument and the smartphone or tablet. 

Built-in rechargeable battery comes as standard for those long days and nights!

The form factor allows us a large rechargeable battery that helps address the issue of maintenance cost while reducing the environmental impact of hearing aids by avoiding disposable single-use button-cells. Rechargeable batteries and a durable design reduce the cost of ownership significantly (typical costs of replacing batteries for traditional hearing aids can be USD30-60/year, or double that for a binaural hearing aid like Audientes). The battery can be recharged via the industry standard micro-USB connector, with chargers and battery powerbanks available everywhere. 

Audientes is a Danish company with the mission to make quality hearing solutions accessible and affordable to everyone who needs them.




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