Audientes CEO to join new prestigious think tank

Audientes CEO to join new prestigious think tank

Audientes A/S CEO, Steen Thygesen has been invited to join a recently formed council of experts brought together by The Danish Industry Foundation to discuss, research and advise on Denmark’s ability to effectively compete in a post-COVID-19 global economy. The new body, comprising of 20 leading Danish professionals with first-hand knowledge, insights and ideas on the future of Danish business, industry and services, is called The Danish Competitiveness Council and will work together over the next 20 months to create 20 individual reports to the question, “Why Denmark?”

In its description of the new initiative, the Danish Industry Foundation points out that the world is undergoing exponential development and change and the repercussions of the current pandemic, Brexit, trade wars, technological disruption and, not least, climate change. With the COVID-19 vaccine now rolling out, the world will begin to reopen. But what will that reopening entail and how will the current challenges affect Denmark’s ability to compete globally? How can we future-proof Denmark?

These questions, and others, are of great resonance for Audientes and our plan to roll-out our self-fitting and affordable hearing aid to the millions of people around the world suffering from hearing loss. Hailing from Denmark, being the preferred partner in the world for our partner and customers is paramount to our future success.

“Of course, it’s a great honor to be invited to participate in this panel, and I’m really looking forward to joining the conversation,” says Audientes CEO, Steen Thygesen. “But what really excites me is the opportunity to bring an international perspective into that conversation, and to draw on the knowledge and expertise of my fellow panelists on how best we can ensure that young companies like Audientes and other Danish companies and their services and products remain relevant and in demand globally.”

Other panelists include Malou Aamund, Google Danmark, GN Audio CEO René Svendsen-Tune and Børsen Editor-in-Chief and former Minister for Finance, Bjarne Corydon plus a host of innovative business builders and leaders of large corporations in Denmark. The first meeting of the panel takes place in January 2021. You can follow news and updates here on our website, by signing up for the newsletter here or via #whydk