Equity Story

Equity Story

Making smart, self-fitting hearing aids and hearables accessible and affordable to everyone who needs them.

Audientes A/S is a Danish hearing health company specializing in smart, self-fitting and affordable hearing aids and advanced hearables.

Audientes’ mission is to make high-quality hearing aids and hearables for hearing improvement or hearing enhancement accessible to everyone who needs them globally.

We want to help the approximately half a billion people globally suffering from disabling hearing loss who either do not have access to a hearing aid or who cannot afford one. 

Audientes is listed on Spotlight Stock Market Denmark (AUDNTS) and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with subsidiaries in Hyderabad, India, and Tokyo, Japan.

Audientes’ unique hearing aid solution, Ven™ by Audientes, is available for purchase in the Indian and Nepalese markets and will be introduced in other markets in the coming years. Companion by Audientes is an advanced hearable, a consumer electronics product, that is commercially available in Europe and later in 2024 in Japan, China, and other markets.

Why invest?

An untapped and growing market potential.

Today, approximately 1.5 billion people globally live with some degree of hearing loss. This number is expected to increase to 2.5 billion by 2050. Of the 1.5 billion people living with hearing loss, approximately 430 million suffer from disabling hearing loss. Most of these people reside in low- and middle income countries with a low number of hearing clinics and audiologists per capita. It is estimated that 60 percent of people with disabling hearing loss live in Asia. Audientes estimates that over 75 million people in India suffer from disabling hearing loss, and that the Indian market amounts to at least 25 million potential Ven consumers.

A growing need for accessible and
affordable hearing solutions

In 2021, the World Health Organization’s World Report on Hearing estimated that 93% of low-income and 76% of lower-middle income countries have less than one audiologist per one million people. With rates of hearing loss rising at unprecedented (and increasing) levels across the world, the shortage of audiologists has led to a growing need for both accessible and affordable hearing solutions. Audientes’ hearing solutions eliminate the need for an audiologist with built-in unique self-fitting technology, cutting out the need for repeated visits to an audiologist for fitting and fine-tuning. Furthermore, Ven™ by Audientes has a similar architecture as other certified quality hearing aids and meets the same industry standards. The maximum recommended retail price for Ven is approx. USD 400 which is 15-20% of the retail price of a set of the classic quality hearing aids.

Disrupting the traditional industry

Audientes is disrupting the hearing health industry by making available hearing aids that are both accessible and affordable to the millions of people around the world who either do not have access to a hearing care provider or cannot afford one of the very expensive traditional hearing aids available on the market today. By eliminating the need for repeated visits to an audiologist for adjustments and fine-tuning, and by offering products at a competitive price without sacrificing on quality or media consumption features such a audio streaming, Audientes is disrupting the traditional hearing health industry, creating a paradigm shift in how people access and utilize hearing health solutions.

An expanded product portfolio in both regulated and non-regulated markets.

Ven™ by Audientes is the first of Audientes’ products to have entered the market. Audientes aims to make affordable hearing loss solutions in attractive designs and across a broad spectrum of form factors and technical specifications. Audientes launched in 2023 its consumer electronics product, Companion by Audientes, the company’s second product.