Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your hearing and your experience with Ven are our top priorities. Got a question? Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer to your question here, then please contact us at

Who should use Ven?

- Ven is for adults suffering from mild to severe hearing loss. This means hearing loss in the range of 26-70 dB-HL.

Do I need a prescription for Ven?

- No. Ven is available over the counter or for purchase online and does not require a prescription or a consultation with an. audiologist.

What does ‘self-fitting’ mean?

- Self-fitting refers to next-generation hearing aids, like Ven, that can adapt themselves to your hearing profile, improving your ability to hear without you having to visit a hospital or clinic. It means that you can run a hearing test yourself at home or wherever you choose. The hearing test and resulting audiogram are built in to the Ven hearing aid and are extremely easy for people to perform by themselves.

How do I use Ven to perform a hearing test?

You can perform a hearing test either via the built-in neckband controls or the Audientes smartphone app. For more information, see our Self-fitting Guide. Ven plays tones. If you hear the tone, you press a button on the neckband or tap the app screen. A hearing test takes a couple of minutes, after which the hearing aid calibrates to your personal hearing profile – addressing both right and left ears.

Do I need a smartphone to use Ven?

No. Everything you need comes built into Ven—including the hearing test. You can run your hearing test, select one of the several built-in programs, turn up the volume, turn off one ear and run a fresh hearing test, among other things. The app enables additional features such as adding and removing programs, call handling and music streaming.

What’s included in the box?

In every box, you'll find:

- A neckband 
- 2 detachable earpieces
- 3 sets of earsleeves (large, medium and small)
- 3 sets of closed eartips (large, medium and small)
- 3 sets of open eartips (large, medium and small)
- A USB charging cable
- A user manual
- A pouch

What is the difference between an earpiece, an earsleeve, and an eartip?

Simply put, the earsleeves and eartips fit on top of the earpieces, ensuring a comfortable fit. The earsleeves fit over the earpieces, and the eartips fit over the earsleeves. You can try a variety of differently-sized earsleeves and eartips until you’ve found the most comfortable combination.

What’s the difference between ‘closed’ and ‘open’ eartips?

Closed eartips provide a kind of “seal” preventing outside sounds from entering your ears. In other words, with closed eartips, everything you hear will be enhanced by Ven. Open eartips allow outside sounds to enter, so you will hear a mixture of natural and Ven-enhanced audio. You might come to prefer one eartip style, or you might switch between eartips depending on the situation.

Is Ven comfortable enough to be worn all day?

Yes. Ven’s ergonomic design is exceptionally comfortable and lightweight. Because Ven comes with variety of differently-sized earsleeves and eartips, you can choose the size that maximizes your comfort most.

I wear glasses. Can I use Ven?

Yes. Ven does not have any over-the-ear components, so it will not interfere with your glasses in any way.

What does ‘binaural’ mean?

Binaural means “both ears.” Ven is binaural since it works for both your ears (in contrast to traditional hearing aids). In other words, with Ven, you only ever need to buy one device.

Can I use just one earpiece?

Yes. The earpieces are detachable. If you only experience hearing loss in one ear, you can just use one of the earpieces.

Is Ven a personal sound amplifying device (PSAP)?

No, Ven is a hearing aid. Personal sound amplifying devices (PSAPs) increase the volume of all sounds, while Ven adjusts itself to your individual hearing profile, amplifying or dampening sounds based on your needs.

Does Ven contain nickel?

No. Ven does not contain nickel, making it a great choice for those with nickel sensitivities or allergies.

What is the Audientes app?

Launching in December 2021, the Audientes app will be a companion application for Ven, designed and developed by Audientes, and available for download from Google Play and the Apple App Store. It gives you access to enhanced functionality, allowing you to view your audiogram, create custom programs, and adjust sound settings.

In addition, the Audientes App allows you to store your hearing profile, custom programs and settings in the cloud.

Can I take phone calls or stream music with Ven?

Yes. With built-in Bluetooth, Ven connects to a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, smart televisions and laptops, allowing you to hear any audio being broadcast from these devices.

What is Ven’s Bluetooth range?

In typical situations (like answering a phone call or streaming sound from a smart television), Ven’s Bluetooth range is 10 meters (around 30 feet).

Is Ven compatible with VOIP and video-conferencing applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger and ZOOM?

Yes. Ven works with every major VOIP/internet telephone, messaging and video-conferencing application.

Which operating systems are supported by the Audientes app?

The Audientes app supports both Android (version 7 and later) and iOS (version 13 and later).

Can I use the Audientes app on an Android tablet or an iPad?

Yes, the Audientes app can be used on both Android tablets and iPads.
Be aware that the app will initially occupy only part of a tablet's screen, and you may need to use your tablet’s ‘zoom’ function to see in-app text clearly.

If I delete the Audientes App, will I lose my audiogram?

No. Your hearing profile and settings are stored in the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing your audiogram, settings or programs.

What do the buttons on the Ven neckband do?

The Ven neckband has a power button, two volume control buttons and a 'P' button that lets you cycle through personalized programs.

What are programs?

Programs are location and situation-based presets. For example, one preset is optimized for listening to music while another is optimized for participating in a conversation.

You can use the ‘P’ button on the neckband to cycle through the built-in programs. Alternatively, you can choose a program via the Audientes app.

Is Ven moisture resistant?

Yes. Ven is IP68 certified, which means that it is resistant to moisture, dust and dirt.

What is the battery life?

Ven has an expected battery life of 12 hours, providing you with all-day use. However, extensive Bluetooth usage can shorten battery life.

Is the battery replaceable?

Yes. If you need a battery replacement, contact a certified Audientes partner, an Audientes experience center or an Audientes customer service representative.

Where can I purchase Ven?

You can purchase Ven via the Audientes website, from a third-party reseller or at select audiology clinics.

Can I use insurance to pay for Ven?

It depends. Some insurance policies cover hearing aids, while others do not. Contact your insurer for specifics.

What is the return policy?

See our section on Terms & Conditionsfor more information.

Is there a warranty?

See our section on Warranty for more information.