Our mission is to make high-quality and affordable hearing aids accessible to everyone who needs them.

Our story

Founded in Copenhagen in 2014, Audientes aims to make smart, high-quality hearing aids accessible and affordable to everyone who needs them. We achieve this by designing, developing and bringing to market innovative assisted hearing solutions.

Today 500 million people suffer from disabling hearing loss. By 2050, that number is expected to reach 900 million. We plan to address this global health challenge by bringing our affordable hearing aid to the millions of hearing impaired people around the world who need it.

Leadership team

Founded and led by a team with expertise in market innovation, business development and design, as well as experience creating affordable products at scale.

Steen Thygesen


Steen holds an MBA from London Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Copenhagen University College. Steen has held executive positions within strategy, sales and management in technology companies such as Star, Nokia Denmark, Microsoft, Symbian PLC and TDC.

Hossein Jelveh


Hossein founded Audientes in 2014. He has worked in product R&D for over 30 years and has broad experience in the hearing aid industry, the wireless industry and the small mobile/medical device domain, as well as 20+ years of SW development experience.

Raman Rao


Based in Hyderabad, Raman has over 25 years of experience within sales and business development. He is also a seasoned expert on the hearing aid industry in India and the surrounding region.