Hearing health

Hearing health

Is Ven the right solution for you?

Ven is made specially to treat sensorineural hearing loss. If you’re not sure about what type of hearing loss you have, we recommend meeting with a professional audiologist or ENT specialist before taking further steps.

Hearing loss causes

Hello there! Dr. Chryssoula Thodi here.

I’ll walk with you step-by-step as we explore the three types of hearing loss and their most common causes. Let’s dive in. First, the ear is made up of three major parts.


The external, or outer ear, includes the external part of the ear and the external auditory canal


Where you find the eardrum and the three small middle ear bones that are connected and transmit sound waves to the inner ear.


Consisting of over 30,000 tiny hair cells connected to the hearing nerve that send vital signals to your brain for hearing and balance.

1. Sensorineural hearing loss.

This occurs when damage to the hearing nerve or inner ear hair cells results in disrupted signals to the brain. It’s the most common type of hearing loss, is usually age-related and is often permanent..

2. Conductive hearing loss.

Can result from a number of causes, from too much earwax to damaged eardrums and outer and middle ear issues, which can block sound from reaching the inner ear. These are often temporary and can be treated.

3. Mixed hearing loss.

This is a combination of sensorineural and conductive hearing loss and can affect all parts of the ear.

Common causes are wide ranging and depend on the specific type of hearing loss

Hearing loss — what to look for

Let's start with the basics. For the millions of people who suffer from hearing impairment, hearing loss can take many forms. Here are three of the most common signs and symptoms.

More volume, please!

Whether it’s the TV or someone talking, hearing loss is almost always about volume. People suffering from hearing loss usually:

- Have trouble holding a conversation in noisy areas and social settings.

- Can’t comprehend speech in person or over the phone.

- Don’t hear high-pitched sounds like rainfall or birds singing.

These symptoms most often result in frequent requests to “turn up the volume” or to “repeat yourself.”

Ring, ring—it’s Tinnitus

Approximately 15-20% of the world’s population is all too familiar with tinnitus, often described as a “ringing of the ears.” But other noises people experience are:

Buzzing - Humming- Clicking

Roaring - Hissing - Screeching

Sound familiar? From concerts to Covid-19, tinnitus has many potential causes. Uncover the rest about symptoms and treatment in this expert analysis from Audientes.

Not one’s normal self

Most of the time, hearing loss happens gradually over time. And it can be different for both ears. That means people’s habits and confidence can change, so it’s also important to notice if someone has:

- A “favorite” ear. This is when one ear hears better than the other.

- Anti-social behavior. Staying away from social events due to hearing loss is all too common.

- Seeing is hearing. Anything outside visual range—like a ringing phone or someone talking from another room—doesn’t get noticed.

Hearing loss, especially untreated, can lead people to feel a swell of emotions from stress and denial to isolation and depression. That’s why it’s ever-important to treat hearing loss as soon as any gradual changes become apparent.

Let the world in!

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Treating hearing loss

The experts at Audientes are determined to develop industry-leading hearing aids and digital solutions to meet your specific needs. But first, realize that treatment depends on the specific type of hearing loss. Lucky for us, the worlds of cutting-edge science and technology have never been closer. Hearing aids are highly recommended for both sensorineural and even mixed hearing loss—and our unique self-fitting solution is here to help.

The world’s first truly self -fitting treatment

For those with mild to severe hearing loss, Ven is a groundbreaking solution. This high-quality and self-fitting aid is the ideal fit for those with sensorineural hearing loss and/or tinnitus, and our self-guided and professional hearing test is easily accessible from the comfort of any home.Available online or over the counter for a fraction of the cost of most other hearing aids, Ven reintroduces a world of sound, experiences and human connections to the millions of people around the world who suffer from disabling hearing loss.Experience the all-new Ven for yourself.